For Parents With Children of All Ethnicities
Healthy Ethnic Hair and Skin Care Training Classes
B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin teaches adoptive and foster-care parents, and agencies how to care for the hair and skin of bi-racial, ethnic, African American, Native American, Latino, and Hispanic children.

Ethnic Hair and Skin Have Different Requirements For Good Health

Mission Statement
B Beautiful-Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin
envisions a world in which all African American, bi-racial or multiracial children who are adopted, fostered or who live in any other situation will be assured of health and well-being that includes their hair and skin.

B Beautiful also focuses on the prevention or reduction of health issues, social problems, and trauma associated with their unique hair and skin needs as part of the healthy environment they need in which to thrive and grow.

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African American hair is typically curly and coarse. African American Skin has a tendency to be very dry and quite sensitive to most skincare products. Other medical-conditions that affect the ethnic hair and skin are unintentionally overlooked by foster and adoptive parents who are otherwise very committed to helping their child grow in healthy ways. Without the right information and training on the proper care of ethnic skin and hair, quite often the child's hair and/or skin will become severely damaged, which can result in actual physical injuries, and most certainly leads to issues of confidence and self-esteem for the children suffering from these kinds of unintentional mistakes.

Self-esteem in children as to how it relates to ethnic cultural awareness, is a vital key in family, school and community to be able to thrive successfully. B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin's belief is that teaching, training and sharing professional information about ethnic hair and skin care will assist foster and adoptive parents, and their children develop healthy life-long habits.



We are very proud to announce that House Bill 3584 was presented by Representative Lew Frederick, and Senator Jackie Winters on behalf of the "B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin Care" and was unanimously voted on by the Sixty Seventh Oregon Legislative Assembly, then signed by Oregon Governor, John A. Kitzhaber, MD on August 2, 2011.

The bill provides needed training to foster parents and prospective adoptive parents of children in foster-care regarding the appropriate ethnic hair and skin care for children of African-American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian-American or children of multiracial descent. 

The Importance of Healthy Ethnic Hair and Skin Care Training
Information For Parents With Children of All Ethnicities
B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin provides the basic information, products, and tools to parents of African American, Bi-racial, Latino, Mexican, Hispanic, and Native American children, so they can avoid the common pitfalls, damage and misconceptions of ethnic hair and skin care. We hope that the information we can provide will encourage you to invest the time to learn about the proper care for the health of ethnic hair and skin for yourself and your children.


Founder, Barbette R. Woodall
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with hair. Because my hair wasn't easy to manage I began styling my own hair at an early age. I taught myself how to braid, style, and do the daily upkeep of my hair. In the process, I learned which hair-care products were effective for ethnic hair; and thus began my journey to help others like me with the same ethnic hair challenges. I learned how to properly implement products and tools to enhance the look and health of my ethnic hair and skin. These are the developed skills I will teach you as some of the proper steps in keeping your ethnic child's hair healthy and manageable and it will be my great pleasure to do so!


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