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B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin teaches adoptive and foster-care parents, and agencies how to care for the hair and skin of bi-racial, ethnic, African American, Native American, Latino, and Hispanic children.

Ethnic Hair and Skin Have Different Requirements For Good Health

Destiny Martin - Case Study & Story

Destiny Martin - Before and After

My name is Destiny Martin and I’m a bi-racial American. My father is African-American who I know very little of. My mother was a single white mother of two. As kids, we lived on the poor side of town trying to make ends meet. My mother took a lot of pride in my hair and learned how to manage it, and make it look beautiful. Whenever she took care of my hair which was quite often, I glowed and thought I looked like a princess. Having “mixed” hair can be difficult to take care of if you don’t have the correct knowledge. My head is full of very thick curly hair you can hardly run your fingers through it, so especially not a comb.

Many years ago, my mother went away for a few years. My brother and I were given over to my grandmother’s care for the next 6 years. This was in April of 1994, and I was 12yrs. My grandma being an elder Caucasian, with little knowledge of how to manage this type for hair took the easy way of working with it by chopping it off or sticking it in a pony tail. During the time with grandma, there were  so many times of bad hair care for me, I would naturally dread it.

It was a nightmare, as a kid in school; it was a big struggle trying to make friends. Having low self-esteem didn’t get me very far and put me deeper in the ground. Kids made fun of me all the time calling me horrible names, throwing things, or pulling pranks. All this trouble just wasn’t enough resources for my grandmother, and I know it wasn’t her fault as she lived in the upper part of town surrounded by “white” folks where “mixed” hair didn’t exist.

Now, as a young women, at 24 yrs old, I’m mother to two beautiful kids whom I love and am very proud of. My daughter is 3 and looks so much like me when I was her age. I don’t want her to go through the nasty challenges, pain, and humiliation I did in school. Like many mothers here in America, I need some kind of the bi-racial race. I feel that kids today belittle themselves get into trouble due to cause they don’t fit in or look like everyone else. It’s a lot of pressure. I believe this problem CAN BE prevented; our kids are the faces of the future. Lets make them glow and feel like princes and princess. Time for a good change, and not having to be someone who’s getting stared at, pointed and laugh at, but rather someone who can stand up tall with confidence.

Barbette's approach to helping improve things is by opening up classes for parents of bi-racial kids and that fills me with joy. It’s about time someone with smart, compassion cares for taking this incredible approach and making it happen to change life for these families. I 100% completely support her. Living as a bi-racial person brings many challenges. We need this to happen. Are you willing to take this step for change?


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