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B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin teaches adoptive and foster-care parents, and agencies how to care for the hair and skin of bi-racial, ethnic, African American, Native American, Latino, and Hispanic children.
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Barbette R. Woodall
Founder - President
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Ethnic Hair and Skin Have Different Requirements For Good Health

Ariana's - Case Study & Story

Before - Dry and brittle (lack of proper products) After- Healthy and manageable!
Outer self-image reflects inner-confidence! Health and manageable
I’m writing in support of Barbette, owner and operator of Barbette’s hair styling salon. Several years ago, my wife and I were seeking a hair stylist who could work with our bi-racial granddaughter’s hair. Ariana and her mother lived in the Seattle area at the time, but even in such a large area our daughter was unable to find a stylist able to work with her unique hair.

As a result, Ariana was limited to wearing her hair in cornrows or a ponytail most of the time. Already feeling different than her friends and school classmates on account of skin color, she felt further removed from them because she could not wear hair stylist that were popular.

After contacting several hair salons locally with no success, we finally checked with a beauty supply business and were given Barbette’s name. We spoke with Barbette and impressed with her knowledge of ethnic her, scheduled Ariana for an appointment soon after. This was a life-changing experience for our granddaughter. Not only did Barbette straighten her hair and style it in a way that greatly pleased her, she also taught Ariana how to care for her hair on her own.

That first session with Barbette left Ariana feeling better about herself and more a part of things at school. She quickly mastered the techniques that Barbette taught her, and soon was able to do her own hair without help.

Where we once had to put Ariana through the painful ordeal of brushing out her thick, kinky hair, she now manages it effortlessly. Also, Barbette advised her on the proper ethnic hair care products to use to project and condition her hair. These products are readily available at reasonable cost through beauty supply store.

In our association with Barbette we’ve observed that she is not only a highly competent beautician but who a skilled instructor. Our granddaughter was only six or seven years old when she first went to her salon, but Barbette quickly establish a rapport with Arianna and patiently taught her the necessary techniques for taking care of her hair. In the process, she also made Arianna feel good about herself, that she had beautiful hair and should be proud of the way she looked.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Barbette; she will bring knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to the task at hand.

Rod Nichols

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