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B Beautiful Children's Foundation for Ethnic Hair and Skin teaches adoptive and foster-care parents, and agencies how to care for the hair and skin of bi-racial, ethnic, African American, Native American, Latino, and Hispanic children.
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Barbette R. Woodall
Founder - President
P.O. Box 13007
Salem OR 97309


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Ethnic Hair and Skin Have Different Requirements For Good Health

A Case Study & Story

Before- Overly Chemically Processed After- Correct Chemical Process
We adopted a girl and boy through the minority infant program at Plan Loving Adoptions when they were five and seven weeks old respectively. What a joy it has been to go through the process of having them come into our home and complete our family!

In preparing for the arrivals of girl and boy, we completed an adoption home study for each, we were involved in waiting family parenting classes, and we read a great many recommended books. In addition, as a part of our involvement in the minority infant program at PLAN, we were provided with some additional education and training in the area of skin and hair care for our African American children. This information was helpful to us, and it demonstrated for us the value of caring for this very important aspect of children’s lives. As this was an area in which we didn’t have a great deal of experience, and wanting to know as much as we could in order to most properly care for these needs, My wife and I soaked up as much learning as we could in the area of African skin and hair care.

Along with our best efforts to learn, we sought our individuals who could provide expertise in assisting us in caring for their hair, in particular our daughter, because we recognize how important it is to pay particular attention to keeping it healthy. After experiencing mixed results with some hair care professionals, we were fortunate to be referred to Barbette’s Salon. She was able to help us to repair some damage that had occurred to Allison’s hair and brought it to the point that it was very healthy once again. In addition, Barbette taught us how to care for our children’s hair and provided us with high quality products that really work.

Without reservation, we whole-heartedly endorse Barbette in her efforts to provide this kind of important teaching to others as there is such a demonstrated need for it in our area. We would have greatly benefited from having her as a resource from the beginning, but are very grateful to have found her when we did. She is skilled, both as a hairstylist and as an educator on caring for all types of hair, and countless others could benefit from the knowledge that she has to share.

Name withheld for privacy reasons


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