B Beautiful-Children’s Foundation

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B Beautiful-Children’s Foundation For Ethnic Hair and Skin is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, EIN 80-0514597, making all donations tax deductible. As a charitable corporation, exempt from income tax, we are required to file the form 990 with the Federal Government, and all financial information is presented in accordance with IRS regulations.

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African American hair is typically curly and coarse. African American skin has a tendency to be very dry and quite sensitive to most skincare products. Other medical conditions that affect ethnic hair and skin are unintentionally overlooked by foster and adoptive parents who are otherwise very committed to helping their child(ren) grow in healthy ways. Without the right information and training on the proper care of ethnic skin and hair, quite often the child(ren)’s hair and/or skin will become severely damaged, which can result in actual physical injuries, and most certainly lead to issues of confidence and self-esteem for those children suffering from these unintentional mistakes.

The classes address hair and skin education for both adults and children. We give participants the knowledge they need to properly groom and style all hair types that might be unfamiliar difficult to manage. We will also explain the different chemical services that are popular with highly textured hair, and at what age to get these services. The skin care section will focus on the different needs of ethnic skin. We educate on the common ailments and issues of ethnic skin, including tips on how to work with children, gaining compliance, and helping them learn to care for themselves.

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